A home with a dog and white picket fence has long been the standard of the All-American-Dream.

Fencing denotes the feeling of safety, security, privacy, and comfort. Its style and design, however, matters too—from basic board fence to contemporary and elaborate fence building.

Wood is the best construction material for fence building. In fact, it is often preferred over other alternatives. All-wood privacy fencing offers the following perks:

Increase in Property Value

Your home’s curb appeal isn’t the only feature that will be improved. Property value will also increase with wood fencing! In fact, this is an accessory many homebuyers look out for. This means your house will be viewed apart from the available competition.

Affordability Factor

Wood is simply one of the most affordable materials you can buy for your home’s fence building. Thinking of DIY fence installation? Don’t. Professional expertise and wooden craftsmanship should be considered even when giving this job to a contractor.

Different Wood Fence Styles for Your Home

Wood fence contractors offer some of the best woods for fence building. However, the fencing style depends on the homeowner. It can be difficult to select the wood fence style that suits the property as well as homeowner’s needs.

Wood fencing generally falls into privacy, functional and decorate categories. You can decide the style keeping these factors in mind. Following is a breakdown of some incredibly common wood fence styles.

Picket Fence

This wooden fence style is the most common. In fact, wooden picket fences existed long before any other fancy fence styles and designs were even thought about! Wooden picket fence is further divided into two styles, contemporary and classic picket fence


This wooden fence style offers full-privacy which is why it’s often considered.

In shadowbox fence style, wooden pickets are placed in front and behind of each other. Small gaps are featured in between the front and back pickets, which creates an aesthetic look.


Another example of a full-privacy wooden fence, this style features cramped together pickets placed on rails and bound tightly against each other. Since wood bends and warps with age and time, stockade wood fence style is likely going to show small gaps in between the pickets.

How to Choose the Best Wooden Fence Style for Your Home

Consider the following factors when choosing the best wooden fence style for your home.


Think about your fence’s application—where do you want to build it and what for? There are many places around the house that you can have the fence built, such as:

  • Front yard
  • Back yard
  • Garden
  • Pasture


This is an important consideration. Here you must think of the readily and easily available space you have outside your home. Thinking about available space will also automatically provide with several fence style options. 

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